The rise and fall – and rising again – of Kim Jong Un’s stomach

South Korean officials have used artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate the weight of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. 

While the specific software used was not disclosed, Yoo Sang-bum, a member of the parliamentary intelligence committee, mentioned that the AI analysis indicated Kim Jong Un’s weight to be over 140 kg. (And if you’re wondering how much that is in old weight measures, that’s just a shade over 300 lb.)  

The estimation was based on observations of the North Korean leader’s public appearance on 16 May, noting his tired ways and dark circles around his eyes.

In addition, North Korea has reportedly been collecting medical information on insomnia treatment for its top official so intelligence suggests that Kim Jong Un may be dealing with a severe sleeping disorder. 

South Korea’s spy agency is monitoring the situation, expressing concerns about a potential “vicious cycle” in which Kim Jong Un becomes increasingly dependent on alcohol and nicotine, leading to worsening insomnia. 

The agency also noted the influx of foreign cigarettes and snacks being shipped into North Korea, which may contribute to these issues.

Kim Jong Un’s weight has been a subject of global interest since he assumed the leadership in North Korea nearly a decade ago. 

Speculation about his health has persisted but official information is scarce. While he experienced weight loss a few years ago, recent pictures suggest that he has since put the weight back on again. 

The North Korean leader, who succeeded his father Kim Jong Il in 2011, keeps many aspects of his personal life, including his health and birth date, closely guarded as state secrets.

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Pictured above: Kim Jong Un


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