‘The reports are a lie!’ 

By Everson Luhanga

After he was released from a two-hour stint in jail, Xolani Khumalo has ended rumours that he is working with the newly formed crime-fighting unit in the city of Johannesburg.

Speaking exclusively to Scrolla.Africa hours after he handed himself in to the police over a murder charge, he said he doesn’t work for the public safety unit in the city and there has been no point where a post has been discussed.

He said media reports that he is part of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s Tactical Reaction Unit and the Crime Prevention and Combating Unit to assist police in the fight against crime, drugs, and human trafficking in the city are not accurate.

“I am not working for the city of Johannesburg’s public safety. The reports are a lie.

“I was invited to the event where I was seen with the MMC for Public Safety, Dr Mgcini Tshwaku, and other city officials. There has been no discussion of me working with or for them,” he said.

Khumalo said cases that got him in trouble with the Hillbrow police happened about two or three weeks ago. “The cases that I am facing now are some of the events that happened while I was with the JMPD in order to support their structures. The JMPD were the arresting officers. But I am the one being arrested for whatever happened on the day.

“I don’t have any agreement or contract with them. I was just there as a person who was invited. I was not introduced as part of the team and I am not working for them.”

He said all he got from the MMC for Public Safety was a promise that they would support him in fighting crime in the communities of Johannesburg.

“You journalists must try to speak to relevant people in your reporting. People lie everywhere,” he said.

However, Khumalo said he continues fighting crime in different parts of the city. “I will be raiding some hotspot buildings in Hillbrow next week with my team. This is a continuation of getting rid of criminal elements in society.”

Tshwaku recently launched the two new Metro Police units to assist police in the fight against crime, drugs, and human trafficking.

It was widely reported that Khumalo would be helping the city through his Xolani Khumalo Foundation, which he was allegedly asked by Moja Love to dissolve.


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