The Ndlovu Youth Choir thinks to itself What a wonderful world

Sizwe Sibiya

Famous for dazzling the America’s Got Talent judges from the ‘world’s biggest stage’ in 2019, the Ndlovu Youth Choir from the Limpopo province, has continued to engage social media on different topics that matter through their exuberant sounds.

Even though they didn’t win after getting to the finals of the talent competition, their voices continue to inspire change.

At the beginning of February this year they released the ‘Jab’ song, which encouraged everyone to “do the right thing” and take the jab (Coronavirus vaccine) – after the first batch of AstraZeneca vaccines were delivered in South Africa.

On Tuesday, the 12 years old choir from the village of Moutse released another music video to celebrate the World Hearing Day which was called International Ear Care Day by the World Health Organization from 2007 until it was changed in 2016.

They also sang the song  ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong, using sign language – so that people with hearing problems can also enjoy and understand the lyrics of the majestic song.

Whether they are doing it to stay on the trends list or for other reasons, the harmonic sounds from the Ndlovu Youth Choir also inspire change.

The World Hearing Day is observed on 3 March of every year and the theme for 2021’s campaign is ‘Hearing Care for All’

Video source: Ndlovu Youth Choir


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