The Church of very deep chats with the Lord

Everson Luhanga

The Gabola Church for all Nations in Orange Farm has a very popular Covid message for its members: drink and be merry.

“Pope” Tsietsi Makiti, the founder of the Church, says in his sermons that “coronavirus is afraid of alcohol.”

(There is no scientific or medical basis for this claim).

His followers seem more than willing to accept his suggestion. 

In a video in which the “Pope” is speaking, church members can be seen stumbling around in what seems like drunken states.

Pope Tsietsi said: “We are not drunkards. If you see some of our members staggering or doing anything unusual, they are in deep conversation with their God.”

In a second video, congregants are happily dancing to songs while cheering the bishop.

Makiti tells his followers that “the reason why the government has put out instructions to sanitise our hands with high alcohol sprays is that coronavirus is afraid of alcohol.”

“Coronavirus is said to be attacking respiratory parts like lungs. 

“We need to prepare the lungs by sanitising the stomach with nice cold alcohol.”

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