The African Giant is hot for love – and so much more

Arthur Greene

The African Giant strolls along sun-basked Ghanian streets in the delightful new visuals to his afrobeats tune  “Onyeka”, which dropped over the weekend.

“Onyeka” is the fifth video release from Burna Boy’s studio album, “Twice As Tall”, which was released last August.

The song, as the video suggests, is a romantic ode to his lover. He opens the chorus singing “One time for my baby, my baby, oh,” while in the video his smiling sweetheart sways lovingly behind him.

However, like so many of Burna Boy’s songs, it is also about so much more.

“Onyeka” is a reference to the legendary Nigerian singer and activist Onyeka Onwenu, known affectionately by the media as the “elegant stallion”.

Previously, Burna Boy had said of her, “she was huge back in the day—she was fine! Well, that’s what everyone used to say. I wouldn’t be able to say who’s the ‘Onyeka’ right now. There are way too many women that I think could take that spot!”

So while the song is a loving dedication to his partner, it is also about the West African musical heritage which Onwenu represents.

The track’s gloriously traditional percussion speaks to this, while the video’s shots of Ghanainan streets are a singularly West African sight.

The “Onyeka” video is a warm contrast to Burna Boy’s previous release, the ice-cold track “Siberia”, which dropped just a day earlier.

On it, he showcases his versatility as he raps alongside UK grime artist Headie One.

Video source: Youtube

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