Teen murders mom – one day after Mother’s Day!

By Anita Dangazele

On the Monday after Mother’s Day, an East London parent lost her life at the hands of her teenage son.

When the mother of two suddenly disappeared on Monday, her husband was worried and went to the community forum to seek assistance.

The forum said they had information that the deceased mother’s eldest son was the last person to see her alive. The community proceeded to interrogate the 19-year-old son.

The teenager allegedly told the community that the last time he saw his mother, she had been

inside the house making porridge while he was outside washing his dog.

The community grew suspicious when they noticed that the teenager’s jacket had mud on the back, shaped like a human hand. When he was questioned he told community members that he had touched himself on his back.


Community member Nomfuneko Ntshinga, who was present when the forum questioned the young man, said they noticed scratch marks on his neck and that made them even more suspicious.

“While we were asking him questions, one of the community members noticed a blood stain on the wall. I also noticed a mop that had been hidden in the bedroom and it smelled like blood,” said Ntshinga.

“Upon further investigation, I noticed more blood stains on the door frame, evidence that the mother had been fighting for her life.” 

Ntshinga said while they accompanied the deceased’s husband to Cecilia Makiwane Hospital in search of his wife, the suspect allegedly tried to borrow a shovel from one of the neighbours.

“When asked why he needed a shovel, he told the neighbour he needed to clean the yard.”

Finally, in a video seen by Scrolla.Africa, the 19-year-old suspect can be heard detailing to the community forum how he had killed his mother.

“I walked past while she was mopping the floor, I slipped and fell and she swore at me. I apologised but she kept on swearing at me. I went outside and came back [with a rock] and she hit me [with a mop]. I hit her on the face with a rock and she fainted,” he said.

In the video, the teenage suspect then tells the community that he believed his mother had fainted when he pulled her to the backyard and wrapped her in blankets that had been hung on the washing line.

The community forum told Scrolla.Africa that the young suspect had been handed over to the police.

At the time of publication, it was unconfirmed if the suspect had been charged with murder.

Pictured above: The home where this horrific murder of a mother took place

Image Source: Facebook

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