America went to the polls on Tuesday – in what is probably the most important election the world has ever seen.

Donald Trump has revolutionised politics, smashing institutions, lying non-stop, and doing anything he can to stay in power. 

The big story the past few days has been the efforts of his party, the Republicans, to stop people from voting.

The latest scandal is a robot call machine phoning up 10 million people advising them to stay home.

The Republicans make it as hard as possible for people to vote because they are a party of older, white people – who fear the shift in America which will make them the minority. 

So the opposing Democrats – and their candidate Joe Biden – have been doing everything possible to make people vote. Including calling on former President Barack Obama to do his thing. 

The polls show Biden ahead. But the American electoral system for the 50 states – rigged to favour the Republicans – makes an upset possible.

If Trump is booted, he risks prosecution for fraud and tax crimes. So the stakes for him, and the rest of the world, could not be higher. 


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