Surgeon from Ghana helps Tessica come unstuck in time for Valentine’s Day

Kamogelo Muvhenzhe

Tessica Brown, whose hair was stuck to her head for a month after she cemented it down with gorilla glue, is finally a free woman.

In time for a Valentine’s Day date this weekend.

All thanks to a Ghanian born plastic surgeon Dr Michael Obeng who is now based in Beverly Hills, California. 

Dr Obeng is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who founded the Restore Worldwide  Organisation which offers support to doctors who provide medical assistance in developing countries.

He offered his services for free to Brown after she tried medical help which she claims worsened her situation and burned her scalp. 

Dr Obeng managed to remove the glue from Brown’s hair using medicated glue. 

In an interview with Dr Obeng, he said when he first heard of Brown’s story, he thought it was a joke. 

“My office asked me if I can remove gorilla glue from someone’s scalp, I looked up the compound on the gorilla glue and figured out the science on how to break it down,” he said . 

He added that he got chemicals that have components to dissolve, an insolvent acetone. 

Dr Obeng said Brown was lucky she didn’t sustain any injuries to her scalp adding that this was no joke as Brown couldn’t sleep. 

Brown, who was under a light anaesthesia during the procedure, reached for her hair immediately afterward. 

She ran her fingers through her hair, something she had not been able to do for more than a month.

Asked if she was done with using hair products, Brown answered: “I gotta get my hair done,” saying that she has a Valentine’s Day date this weekend.

Picture source: @nypost

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