Superstar poet Amanda Gorman stuns 34 million at Super Bowl

Arthur Greene

Amanda Gorman is well on her way to becoming the 21st century’s first superstar poet.

As she did at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January, Gorman, 22, stole the show before the Buccaneers overcame the Chiefs in Sunday night’s Super Bowl, the biggest game in American Football.

Amanda Gorman became the first ever poet to perform at the event.

Her pre-recorded performance was televised to over 34 million viewers. The cinematic recording opens with a closeup of Gorman with a black background and wearing a beautiful sky blue coat with crystal trimmings. 

Her poem focuses not on the game or its superstars, but is dedicated to the game’s three honorary captains.

These are three members of the community who, as Gorman announces, “Have taken the lead / Exceeded all expectations and limitations / Uplifting their communities and neighbours as leaders, healers and educators.”

The first is James Martin, a veteran of the Marine Corps.

The second, Trimaine Davis, is a Los Angeles educator who “works non-stop providing his community with laptops, hotspots and tech workshops so his students have all the tools they need to succeed.”

The third captain is Suzie Dorner, a Covid-19 nurse manager at the Intensive Care Unit of the Tampa General hospital.

“She lost her grandmothers to the pandemic / And fights to save other lives in the ICU battlezone.”

The film of Gorman’s performance is cut with clips of all three captains, and these are accompanied by growing orchestral music to complete this remarkable moment.

Video source: @NFL

Image source: @BostonDotCom


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