Stop that truck!

Spectators were left screaming, swearing and shouting “stop the truck”.

By the time the runaway truck finally stopped, the 50-year-old driver had died. 

The truck with two trailers ploughed its way into four other cars at the intersection of Stapleton and East road in Pinetown, Durban. 

The truck eventually stopped after knocking down a residential wall. 

Life Response Paramedics explained what happened:

  • “The driver of the truck left the engine running while speaking to metro police who had stopped him.
  • When he got back in and tried to reverse his truck, he jumped out and the truck gained momentum going down Stapleton Road pushing other cars with it.
  • The driver attempted to stop the moving truck and when doing so, he fell and hit his head on the road”.

Other than the driver, there were no other casualties. 

Pinetown is no stranger to freak accidents caught on camera. In 2013 a runaway truck with brake failure killed 22 people and injured at least 80 others.

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