Spreading the love one pad at a time

Everson Luhanga

Dipuo Chauke from Alexandra was shocked to discover the number of women and girls who were in need of sanitary pads but couldn’t afford them. 

She started a drive to distribute pads after the lockdown started in March 2020. 

“Since then, I have taken it upon myself to collect pads every three months to give to anyone in need in my community.”

The prolonged closure of schools due to Covid-19 has put tremendous pressure on many young girls from poor communities who depend on getting sanitary pads at school. 

“With the closure of schools, there has been a big demand for the pads for the girls who cannot afford to buy pads for themselves,” said Dipuo.

Dipuo said while the focus is on giving pads to women, she also gives to men, knowing that they live with their kids, girlfriends and wives.

“Men are also affected by the lockdown. They have lost jobs, businesses, sources of income.

Most men hustle to provide for their families. The money they get is directed to buying food and not towards buying pads,” she said.

Dipuo doesn’t only help the community of Alexandra with sanitary pads. Besides the drive for pads which she does every three months, she also feeds addicts and vulnerable children.

“This year our first drive starts on Valentine’s Day. Our theme is, spread some love.

“I am asking for any amount of pads that you can donate to our drive,” said Dipuo.

Those willing to help can contact Dipuo on: 071 318 7044