Spare him or be tormented forever

By Everson Luhanga

Part 3 of 3

The hitmen who tipped off Justice Mudau that his wife wanted to kill him went to a sangoma in KwaZulu-Natal before doing the hit.

The sangoma told them not to do it.

The assassins said they wanted spiritual guidance because they had terrible dreams before carrying out the killing.

They told Justice all of this outside his house in Tembisa. This all happened on a Sunday afternoon, in February 2018, when they came to warn him that they had been hired by his wife Nomsa to kill him. Nomsa allegedly wanted to cash his life insurance policies.

As we reported, the hitmen’s friend Walter left the assassins at the street corner in their Kia Picanto and went to talk to Justice.

Walter told Justice he was not a hitman himself, but a companion and translator for the hitmen.

This was the translated message, according to Justice:

“The men told me that… planning my murder, they were being troubled by terrible dreams of me strangling them in their sleep.”

Justice says he was told the sangoma warned the hitmen not to kill him.

So the hitmen decided to drop the job and turn down the R19,600 fee waiting for them (they said Nomsa had made a downpayment of R400).

A shocked but grateful Justice says he then met the hitmen in an open, public spot in Tembisa three hours later, and ended up paying them R1000 in thanks “for cool drink”.

The armed men told Justice that before conducting any murder, they try to consult with their sangoma first.

“Apparently the inyanga told them to spare me or else my soul would torment them after my death. That was the reason they came to tell me to be careful with my wife who on several times has been recruiting people to kill me.”

Justice says the hitmen told him that his wife had said they were her last hope. She allegedly also said she had spent too much on recruiting hitmen who failed to deliver on “a good job”.

We returned to Nomsa and Justice for additional comment this week:

Nomsa, who has left the police, said: “My case was withdrawn”. Asked if she is watching the Rosemary case at the Palmridge High Court, she said she was “not interested in watching that. As a journalist, you should know better than me if I tell you that my case was withdrawn.” She then hung up. (Rosemary Ndlovu is pictured above)

Justice said that every day he waits for the police investigating the case to tell him that his ex-wife has been taken in.

“There is a case before the National Prosecution Authority that I opened with the police in March 2018.

“All I am waiting for is to see the rule of law taking its course,” he said.


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