Shots fired at a Tembisa school over achar!

By Everson Luhanga

An armed security guard has been caught on video firing a gun inside a classroom in a Gauteng school.

The incident at the Tembisa School of Specialisation stemmed from a disagreement over the selling of atchaar inside the premises.

Chaos erupted when the school security guard tried to stop learners from selling atchaar. 

The defiant learners refused to follow his instructions. That’s when he was seen reaching for the firearm in its holster.

All of this was captured on video.

A crowd of learners confronted the guard in a classroom and were heard in the video telling the guard to shoot at them.

A shot is heard as the guard walked out of the classroom and discharged live ammunition into the ground in an apparent effort to scare the learners.

Police detectives were called to the school, formerly known as Tembisa High School.

It is not known at this stage whether the security officer who discharged the firearm will be arrested or charged.

There were no reported injuries or any casualties due to the incident.

A Scrolla.Africa team is following up with both the Gauteng Department of Education and the SAPS for an official comment on the incident.

Pictured above: A screenshot of the incident at the Tembisa School Of Specialisation where a guard fired a shot on a school premises.

Image source: Supplied 


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