‘Sex is a gift from God’ – Pope Francis

Pope Francis, in a recent address outside the Vatican, declared that “sexual pleasure is a gift from God” while criticising the use of pornography. 

The 87-year-old urged the Catholic faithful to treasure sexual relations but cautioned against the dangers of pornography. 

He highlighted that porn damages the nature of intimate relationships and can lead to addictive behaviour. 

The Pope also spoke about the lifelong struggle against lust, describing it as a sin that robs and consumes people, The New York Post reported. 

He pointed out that lustful behaviour does not allow a genuine connection between partners.

Francis spoke about the dangers of objectification in relationships, warning against the urge to possess a partner.

The pontiff also addressed the recent decision of the Catholic Church to approve blessings for same-sex couples. 

Facing some resistance and misunderstanding from within the church, he emphasised the need for acceptance of these decisions.

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Pictured above: Pope Francis. 

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