Security beefed up for Pandor following genocide case

The government has increased security for Naledi Pandor, the international relations and cooperation minister, because of threats to her and her family after South Africa took Israel to the International Court of Justice to stop it from committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. 

“[The threats are] par for the course,” Pandor said. “The Israeli intelligence services behave like this and they seek to intimidate you. So, we must not be intimidated, there is a course that is underway. The people of the world and Palestine didn’t draw back when the apartheid state was at its worst,” The Citizen reported she said. 

Pandor, who asked Bheki Cele, the police minister, to increase her and her family’s security, said she was especially worried about her family because some of the threatening messages she had received mentioned her children.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Ronald Lamola said South Africa is a safe place for Jewish people and denied claims that South Africa shuns them. 

“In South Africa, there is no threat whatsoever to the Jewish people. They continue to participate in all forms of social life.”

Pictured above: Naledi Pandor. 

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