Scenes of discord inside the Pinkett Smith marriage go viral

By Mmaditaba

The drama coming out of the Pinkett Smith household knows no end. It is the scandal that keeps on giving.

A new video of Will and Jada Smith having a quarrel over social media has surfaced just weeks after Will slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars.

In the video Will can be heard telling Jada that she can’t just start recording and showing him on her social media. That’s right, he basically told her to stop using him for clout. Tjo, claps twice!

All of this feeds into the internet’s most favourite theory that Will is trapped inside his marriage with Jada. And that Jada is bad for Will. People love to paint Jada as the villain.

On Oscar night, Will jumped on stage and slapped the host, Chris Rock for making a joke about Jada’s hair loss making a reference to her looking like GI Jane. Will Smith is seen laughing at the jokes until he sees a clearly upset Jada is hurt by Rock’s remarks. The actress has a condition called alopecia which results in extreme hair loss.

The incident has caused quite the divide in the world of entertainment with fans of the Smiths defending Will for “defending his wife” while Chris Rock’s fans called for Will to be canceled.

And he has been – sort of, where would anyone start? The star has lost privileges including getting banned from the Oscars for ten whole years. A very expensive slap.

The video at the heart of the issue is a promo video that Jada was shooting about their therapist who was a guest on her talk show Red Table Talk, asking her husband to confirm how good the therapist is. Pinkett Smith can be heard praising the work of the therapist before showing her husband on camera which he clearly seems upset by, telling her she can’t just start filming him without his knowledge.

He also adds that social media is his bread and butter.

There’s been so much trouble in the Pinkett Smith paradise that rumor has it they are getting a divorce.