SA’s most controversial pastor is back

The infamous Pastor Zenzile November of Victorious Faith Mission Church in Mangaung, Bloemfontein, is back – and he’s as outrageous as ever!

The pastor has whipped up a storm on social media after posting a video of himself wearing fashionable women’s attire, from head to toe. 

He appears jovial as he’s seen showing off his dancing moves in the video. 

In one of the videos, Pastor November was seen coming out of his car wearing a crop top and a skirt before entering one of the local taverns and addressing people who attended the night event.

“I know some of you are asking themselves what’s wrong with me, but you will understand as time goes on,” he said.

However, the pastor says he has not lost his mind but he was something he needed to achieve.

“I am working on something and I need attention. I wanted all people to watch me and I had to do the unthinkable. I am specialising with marriage and relationship and that is something I am promoting,” said pastor November in an interview with one radio station.

He also admitted that he sought divine help. “I asked God to guide me in doing that!”

Reverend Reuben Sokane, the chairperson of the Eastern Free State Council of Churches / Ministers Fraternal, criticised Pastor November’s antics, calling him fake and saying he is more interested in finding fame than to preaching the word of God.

“It is unfortunate that he is not a member of the council, but we condemn what he is doing. He is misleading our community and we urge him to stop doing that because it is an insult to our calling,” he said.

Scrolla.Africa has reached out to Pastor November for comment.

Video above: The pastor in women’s attire

Video credit: Supplied


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