SA’s Covid deaths might be much higher

Are the official Covid-19 death rate numbers too low?

Have more people been dying because of the disease?

Many South Africans have suspected this. Now there is research which shows it’s likely.

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) has looked at overall deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic – compared with the same periods of time last year. 

The research shows 17,090 more deaths than usual between 6 May and 14 July. 

The official Covid-19 toll is much lower – at 5,940. 

Prof Debbie Bradshaw, Chief Specialist Scientist and a co-author of the Report, said the research “revealed a huge discrepancy between the country’s confirmed Covid-19 deaths and the number of excess natural deaths”.

The SAMRC suspects deaths at home – due to Covid-19 – are often not covered by official Covid statistics.