Sangoma uses muti to sexually assault 11-year-old learner

Dalphine Tagwireyi

An 11-year-old girl has allegedly been sexually assaulted by an elderly sangoma as punishment for getting into a fight at school with her granddaughter.

The two friends fell out while attending class at their school in Nkangala, Mpumalanga when they began to fight.

The fight was stopped but upon returning home that afternoon, the victim’s classmate told her grandmother about the incident and all hell broke loose.

The grandmother, who is also a sangoma, tracked the victim down and followed her home.

The grandmother allegedly attacked the minor on her way home and sexually assaulted her by smearing muti on her private parts.

Speaking to Scrolla.Africa, the mother of the minor said that her daughter arrived at home screaming and itching from the substance, and had to be rushed to a clinic for treatment.

“Upon inspection, I noticed that she had developed a rash on her private parts and she was scratching, complaining that it was itching her and I took her to the clinic,” she said.

“I honestly have no idea what effect this mutii will have in my daughter’s life.”

The mother also said that she reported the incident to the school because the fight had started there.

She also reported the issue to traditional leader Inkosi Hlanganani Nkosi, who said that he will attend the traditional council hearing on Saturday.

“We await for the outcome and if it’s not favourable we will go to the police, as my child is now withdrawn and the rash is still visible,” she explained.

Inkosi Nkosi said the case is unusual and his traditional council has not handled one like it before.

“We usually handle issues that are unlike this one and it’s totally unacceptable that grown women would attack a minor, hopefully both parties attend so that we can set an example in the community as children need our protection and adults should never settle scores on their behalf,” he said.