Ramaphosa: “Be prepared”

As the pandemic passes 7 million infections worldwide some leaders are still in denial.

Donald Trump is pretending it’s over, Brazil’s Bolsonaro and Tanzania’s Magufuli are hiding the death counts. 

Others address the problem — and their people — more frankly.

South Africa will reach 50,000 cases and record its 1,000th Covid-19 death this week.

“As we watch the number of infections rise further – probably far faster than most of us imagined – we should be concerned, but not alarmed,” President Ramaphosa said on Sunday. 

Ramaphosa spoke directly to households: “Plan for the possibility that someone in the family may become infected and whether you will be able to isolate them from family members until they are better. If not, find out where the closest government quarantine site is. 

“Remember one simple but fundamental message: Don’t be alarmed. Be prepared.”