Rain Queen kept in the dark about TV series 

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By Doreen Mokgolo

Members of the Balobedu royal nation say they have never been consulted and only found out about the series when seeing it advertised on TV.

They believe that Rain Queen Masalanabo VII and their nation’s history have been disrespected.

On Tuesday, the royal house from Limpopo submitted an urgent application to the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to prevent MultiChoice from showing the premiere of the historical drama series Queen Modjadji.

The Rain Queen and the Balobedu royal nation were not informed about the series. 

They allege that the producers only received approval from the Queen’s uncle, Mpapatla Modjadji, who they claim intentionally disrespects the Queen.

Acting Judge Jacques Minaar dismissed their application, saying there was no urgency to it and he could not understand how a work of fiction could distort the legacy, rights and history of the Balobedu nation. 

The historical drama series will premiere on Sunday, 14 July, at 8pm on channel 161, Mzansi Magic.

The secretary-general of the Balobedu royal nation, Gabriel Rasebotsa, said he was disappointed with the court’s decision, but the Balobedu accepted it as law-abiding citizens. 

“We are urging the court to appoint African judges in the future who understand the values and history of African cultures in such cases. The judge’s ruling clearly shows that he doesn’t understand African cultures,” he said.

Rasebotsa said the Queen has a moral, spiritual and traditional duty to protect and preserve her people, customs and traditions. 

“She cannot stand by when her history is distorted and misrepresented, either by spoken language or narration for commercial reasons. Her Majesty cannot be ignored or disregarded in matters concerning her nation and her people. 

“Our history and legacy have been sold to the highest bidders for financial gains.” 

The Balobedu royal nation is appealing to President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently prioritise issuing a certificate of recognition on the Rain Queen as confirmation of her leadership. 

“The delay [in issuing the certificate] is giving people like Mpapatla, who is not a headman or chief, room to do as they please,” Rasebotsa said.

Pictured above: Queen Masalanabo VII.

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