“Quarantine”: Sakhumzi’s strong message

Joseph Chirume

As he stood at gravesite after gravesite, artist Sakhumzi Nyendwana, 34, vowed he would do everything he could to inform the people about the dangers of the killer virus.

Speaking to Scrolla.Africa, Sakhumzi said he couldn’t just stand by, watching the virus causing havoc in his community without putting his God-given talent to use – which is why he created his painting named Quarantine.

“The painting shows a boy alone in quarantine after being diagnosed with the virus. It is the fear in his face and the regret that I want other young people to see and to make them believe that Covid-19 attacks even small children. Children should know that coronavirus does not discriminate against age or colour of skin,” he said. 

Self-taught visual artist, Sakhumzi from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth said that during the hard lockdown the government put several regulations in place to combat the spread of the virus.

“But many young people were seen hanging around and ignoring the regulations,” he said.

“My art shows how heavy my heart is at losing people to Covid-19. I am trying to send this message to those who think coronavirus is a joke.”

He said he has been posting his picture on various social media platforms around Port Elizabeth and other areas as a way to urge the people to be safe.

The recent spike in infections has prompted Nelson Mandela Bay acting mayor Thsonono Buyeye to warn residents tighter regulations may be enforced again.

“A harder lockdown is not ideal but to save lives, the option might need to be explored again as the number of positive cases is increasing rapidly,” said Buyeye.