Preserving culture one Maskandi beat at a time

Everson Luhanga

Brian said music is the therapy that heals and rejuvenates one’s soul.

And traditional music reminds people of their roots.

Brian is the leader of a Maskandi cultural dance group called Pillars of the New Generations Artist Project based in the Johannesburg inner city.

“We heal people through our music and dance. I found that music is the best way to educate other people, especially the youth about their tradition,” he said.

He said people are under economic and social distress due to Covid-19. 

“With our performances, we try to cheer them up, putting smiles on their face,” he said.

Brian added that the group started in 2017 and they have travelled across the country with a series of performances. 

He said they chose Maskandi music to preserve culture.  

“Many people, especially the youth, are forgetting their roots. They are consumed by watching and dancing to western music while forsaking their roots. 

“It is nice to enjoy other kinds of music because variety is the spice of life. But we are here to remind them that they are Africans and should dance to their traditional music as well,” said Brian.

He added that the group will be recording their debut album soon. 

“We have been helping many young artists to record their traditional music at our recording label. 

“We will also be recording our own album to give a chance to other people who cannot watch us live,” he said.