Patriotic Alliance aims for a million votes

By Zukile Majova
Political Editor

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) plans to win over one million votes on 29 May.

Party leader Gayton McKenzie said the PA expects to win about two dozen seats in the National Assembly and be a kingmaker in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

A million votes would give the PA an estimated 5% of the national vote, depending on voter turnout.

While campaigning in Kimberley this week, McKenzie said they expected to be in government in the Northern Cape.

The PA has grown in black and coloured communities in the Western Cape, Gauteng and the Northern Cape.

“We expect to get around 25 seats in parliament in these elections. We expect to be the kingmakers in Gauteng and Northern Cape. We are hoping to win outright in the Western Cape,” he said. 

The PA is expected to work with the ANC in the Western Cape and Gauteng. The party is already in an alliance with the ruling party in the City of Johannesburg.

It was previously in a coalition with the DA, but a massive rift has developed between the two as the PA is reducing the DA majority in Cape Town and other parts of the Western Cape.

The PA and other regional parties recently ganged up against the DA and removed it from the lucrative Bitou local municipality that includes the well-heeled holiday town of Plettenberg Bay.

The DA is also on the back foot in George, while the PA has registered a massive growth in Stellenbosch.

“We are the only party that says God must come back in our lives; children must be taught about God at school,” McKenzie told his supporters in Kimberley. “We are the only party that says we are going to mass deport all foreigners, and bring back the death penalty.” 

Pictured above: Gayton McKenzie. 

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