Service delivery grinds to a standstill as Joburg’s opposition parties fight

By Zukile Majova
Political Editor

Opposition parties’ egos have almost caused service delivery to grind to a halt in the City of Joburg.

The city was supposed to pass its R83-billion budget this week, but the meeting collapsed.

With the elections less than two weeks away, opposition parties are promising voters that they will work together to form an alternative government in provinces where the ANC fails to secure a clear majority.

This requires setting aside political egos and self-interest and putting the voters’ interests first.

There is a real chance that provinces like KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape could be ruled by coalition governments.

However, this does not always mean the ANC would be removed from power in those legislatures, because achieving that would require a great deal of political maturity from the opposition.

That lack of unity of common purpose among opposition parties failed the ratepayers of Johannesburg this week.

A vote on the city’s R83-billion budget could not go ahead because of disunity. There are major cracks in the ANC-led coalition, which includes the EFF and the Patriotic Alliance.

The next option is for the opposition to join hands and remove the ANC coalition.

A DA-led coalition has enough votes to boot out the ANC. 

The DA, under the leadership of Dr Mpho Phalatse, formed the first mayoral committee after the 2021 elections. 

But DA federal chairperson Helen Zille and EFF leader Julius Malema’s intolerance of each other collapsed that partnership, along with the mayoral committee.

This handed power to the ANC, which had been rejected by city voters and secured just  33% of the vote.

Before this week’s vote, Gayton McKenzie, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance, indicated that it was ready to dump the ANC and work with the DA, ActionSA and the IFP.

However, the DA has launched an open war against the PA, which is attracting the coloured vote in the Western Cape and threatens the DA’s dominance in that province.

So without a future compromise from the DA, the EFF, the IFP, ActionSA, the PA and most recently, the MK party, it is unlikely that the ANC could be effectively removed from government even in hung provinces.

Pictured above: Service delivery may grind to a halt in the City of Joburg.

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