One killed and three injured in Cape tavern shooting

By Buziwe Nocuze

Four people were shot at a tavern at the Tsunami informal settlement in Delft, Cape Town, on Sunday.

One of the victims died while the other three were rushed to hospital, leaving residents demanding that tavern owners do something to increase security before more people are killed.

Sinazo Ndayini said she has stopped going to taverns.

“Taverns are under attack. By the time tavern owners wake up, it will be too late. This is the third incident where people got shot inside the tavern,” Sinazo said.

“Tavern owners need to do something. They need to beef up their security. No one will go to the tavern not knowing if they will come back or get killed.”

A resident who goes to the tavern every weekend, said: “We go to the tavern to relieve stress and to have a good time without worrying about our problems. We don’t go there to get killed for something we don’t know anything about.”

A tavern owner speaking anonymously said they do not know if they are under attack or if their customers are being followed.

“It is tough to guess what is causing this,” he said.

“It affects our businesses because people will be afraid of coming for drinks knowing they could get killed or injured.”

Western Cape SAPS spokesperson Sergeant Wesley Twigg said an investigation is underway into the incident where a 23-year-old male was shot and killed and two males and a female were shot and wounded.

“The motive for the attack is yet to be established and suspects are yet to be arrested,” Twigg said.

Pictured above: A crime scene marked off by police tape.

Image source: File


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