One cop shot dead and another injured in a shootout with criminals

By Everson Luhanga

A gang of 20 suspects attacked police officers, killing one and injuring the other in Tembisa.

In the incident in Tembisa’s Hospital View, the deceased police officer’s firearm was stolen by the gang of about 20 suspects who had bombed an ATM.

The officers were attacked by an armed gang, including two ladies, using four vehicles who had bombed an ATM at a garage.

On 24 October, the deceased officer from Ivory Park Police Station survived another shooting in Ebony Park when he and his two colleagues were attacked.

One of his colleagues (who was shot on 24 October) died on the scene and the other one was wounded and taken to hospital. He was the only one who survived unscathed.

The trio were approached by a motorist who asked them for escort saying a suspicious vehicle was following him.

As they escorted the motorist to his home, the suspicious vehicle appeared and started shooting at them. He survived, while one died and the third one was injured.

Today’s (Friday) incident happened less than a month after that traumatic incident for the police sergeant. He and his colleague were called for backup when they were shot at by a group of criminals.

National police spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe confirmed the incident.

She said a manhunt is underway for this group of about 20 suspects.

Shortly after the explosion, a police patrol vehicle from Tembisa drove past the scene when suspects noticed them and opened fire at them.

Suspects opened fire, wounding the driver in the right leg. Despite being wounded, the officer drove off and called for backup.”

Reports also suggested a patrol vehicle from Ivory Park Police Station responded to a backup call.

Suspects opened fire on the police vehicle as they arrived and they retreated. The police vehicle was blocked by another vehicle.

Police officers alighted from the vehicle and fired some shots back. A shootout ensued that resulted in the death of the officer.

Pictured above: A crime scene where a gang of about 20 people including two women had a shootout with police officers. One police officer from Ivory Park police station was fatally wounded

Image source: Mfanelo Dzanibe


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