About Loved & Lost

The Loved & Lost obituary service is designed with sensitivity and respect, offering you a way to honour and commemorate the life of your loved one. By trusting us with this responsibility, you gain the support of our professional writers who are committed to capturing the essence of your loved one’s life story. 

This service is more than just a notice. It’s a heartfelt tribute that acknowledges the person’s journey, achievements, and the impact they’ve left on their family and community.

How it works

We know that you’re grieving, so leave the work to us. The Loved & Lost service is quick and simple. All we need are your contact details, and a few details about the deceased. Following your submission, one of our experienced journalists will reach out to you on the same day for a more in-depth conversation, making sure the life of your loved one will be honoured properly. Once the obituary is prepared, it will be shared with you for approval before publication.

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Remembering lives lived.

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You don’t have to be famous to have an amazing story. To celebrate the legacy of a loved one with Scrolla’s Loved and Lost, contact us here.