Obama on Trump: “Did no one go to his birthday parties when he was a kid?”

Three days to go to the American election.

Will the world dodge a bullet – or will Donald Trump pull off another surprise win as he did four years ago?

He’s behind in the polls, but still fighting hard. He’s even trying to stop voters from voting. 

President Barack Obama, carefully polite about his crazy successor for four years, is now letting rip. To give a helping hand to Trump’s opponent Joe Biden. 

Trump still loves to boast about his inauguration crowd in 2016 (which wasn’t big).

Obama said on Saturday: 

“He’s still worrying about his inauguration crowd being smaller than mine…He’s still talking about that. Does he have nothing better to worry about? Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid? Was he traumatized? What’s with crowds?”

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