“Not right now, sis, the president’s on the line!”

Arthur Greene

Just a day before Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th US president, he took the time to make a phone call to a Nigerian-born family to thank them for their support during his campaign.

Biden spoke to Dr Oke and his two daughters, Josephine and Beatrice from Springfield, Illinois, for 12 minutes.

The phone call was caught on camera by a member of the doctor’s family.

The warmhearted conversation covered a range of topics, from discussing Dr Oke’s hometown of Ibadan in Nigeria’s Oyo State, to the president extending an invitation to the family to visit him in the White House.

In a comedic moment, Beatrice enters the room while Josephine is talking to Biden, and she is clearly unaware who her sister is chatting to!

This moment of warmth and friendliness is currently doing the rounds on social media. 


Its popularity is unsurprising because it represents a marked difference to the divisiveness and toxicity which came to define Trump’s time in the Oval Office.

Video source: @DeleOlojede

Picture source: @POTUS

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