‘No! I’m not having an affair with Mihlali’ — Wicknell Chivayo 

By Rorisang Modiba

With South African influencer Mihlali Ndamase and businessman Wicknell Chivayo both in Miami, social media users quickly started speculating about a relationship between the two.

“Mihlali Ndamase is currently on vacation with her new Zimbabwean father of two – married boyfriend Wicknell Chivayo,” an X user posted.

On Sunday Chivayo responded on Instagram, denying any romantic involvement with Mihlali.

He labelled the rumours completely baseless and targeted the origin as a blogger seeking attention.

“My attention has been drawn to arguably the most ridiculous and laughable rumours that I am in some romantic affairs with young South African and Zimbabwean ladies by the name of Mihlali Ndamase and Mazvi respectively.” he wrote.

“Let me categorically state that I do not know either of these ladies personally or through any of my business associates. 

“This utterly absurd rumour is therefore nothing more than a baseless falsehood originated by some attention-seeking blogger known as @The Instigator on X. Their feelings and ego were tormented when I posted my latest purchase of a 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre on social media. He found an opportunity to find relevance by fabricating a pathetic story out of desperation for online attention.”

Pictured above: Wicknell Chivayo and Mihlali. 

Image source: X


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