Nasty C is the “Jack” of all musical trades

Sizwe Sibiya

Durban born rapper Nasty C is back in electrifying style with yet another music video for yet another banger, and this one is titled “Jack”.

Nasty is not known for being the jack of all trades, but in the music video, which premiered on YouTube on Friday, his all-round performance proves he is the master of his trade.

From his lyrics, to the production value of his music, to the quality of his visuals, Nasty really does cover all bases. He has also recruited the help of another South African rapper in Flvme to assist with the beat.

For the duration of the video, which was shot overseas, Nasty is unusually featured alone. 

For the entire video, the only different faces other than his are snapshots of others who have been a part of his success story, with a photograph of American rapper T.I being amongst the faces seen.

Over the two minutes and 41 seconds of the track, Nasty takes his fans through the milestones of his journey to success. 

And even though he is at the highest peak yet of his career, on the second verse of the song he says he is still hustling like he’s got a “mini me”.

Flvme, who was part of the Wrecking Crew with A-Reece, said he has been looking forward to working with Nasty.

“I remember I was sending beats to Nasty back in 2016 … fast forward, I finally got to produce a record for him,” wrote Flvme on Twitter.

Video source: YouTube 

Image source: @ivysontour