Mzansi not impressed by Netflix’s local thriller

Sizwe Sibiya

When Netflix announced the release of Amandla, an action movie produced in South Africa, movie-goers couldn’t wait to see it. But since its release last week, hordes of movie-goers have taken to social media to slate it.

The hotly anticipated thriller is about two brothers on opposing sides of the law, and stars

Thabo Rametsi, Lemogang Tsipa and the legendary actor Israel Matseke-Zulu, who recently lost his leg.

With such a glittering cast, one would expect a great movie – but then people started watching it.

One social media user even described the film as “shit”.

Amandla on Netflix, what a sh*t movie. No happy ending, no nothing. The name of the movie also has nothing to do with the movie. The writing was horrible I must say,” they wrote on Twitter.


Another user said watching the movie wasn’t even remotely pleasurable and criticised the actors’ accents.

“Honestly it sucks. I had to force myself to support local and watch it to the end. Too many plot holes. I know those actors know IsiZulu but they sounded off as if it was forced. Nowhere near TsotsiJerusalemaIzulu Lami or Yesterday,” they said.

Not all reviews on the new movie were negative though. “Great movie except I didn’t like the ending,” wrote Cheslin on Twitter.

Whether it’s a great movie or not, there is only one way to find out. Watch the movie on Netflix and share your opinion with us on our social media platforms.

Video source: YouTube

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