Man beats lover for refusing to loot

Everson Luhanga

Naledi Mfolo was badly beaten by her boyfriend after she refused to go looting with him on Sunday night. Despite reporting the incident to the police on Monday, no action has been taken.

After going to the Alexandra police station, the mother of three was told to go to a clinic to have her injuries assessed and get a J88 form on which complainants specify injuries. But the police did not stamp the form as required.

“The clinic sent me back to the police station where I couldn’t get any help until today. I still don’t have a case number, over a week from the day I gave a statement,” she said.

Naledi is losing hope in law enforcement. “All I want for the police is to act and get this man locked up for stealing and for beating me up. But it seems that won’t happen.”

Speaking from her mother’s house in the River Park section, Alexandra, Naledi told Scrolla.Africa that she is still appealing to the cops to arrest her partner of 14 years.

Naledi said he went looting alone after she refused to join him, and later returned home with a stolen bathroom sink. 

“When I asked him to stop, he became aggressive. He told me I was good for nothing as I won’t even join the people who were getting goods for free,” she said.

She said he also looted a trailer, disposable nappies, alcohol and other items.

“He didn’t even think of bringing bread for his kids. First he brought a bathroom sink, then alcohol.”

When he brought the alcohol home, he had lost his gate keys and called Naledi to open up for him.

“When I got to the gate he started assaulting me. He tore my clothes, smashed my head against the wall. He pinned me with his knees on my stomach, where I just had an operation, and kept on punching me,” she said.

Naledi now wakes up every morning with swollen and painful eyes.

“I want this man arrested for looting and for beating me up, but the police are failing me,” she said.

Gauteng provincial police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said the victim should go to Alexandra police station commander. “The provincial office will also call the victim to understand why she was not assisted at the station,” he said.