Maa… GOAT song goes viral

He has been the butt of many jokes – but Ghanaian rapper AY Poyoo is smiling all the way to the top of the charts.

AY’s GOAT song has had more than a million hits on YouTube, earned the praise of rapper Snoop Dogg on Instagram and AY was featured on the BBC.

The 20-year-old says he has become the new face of hip hop.

He described how he landed on the topic: “I needed something that will let me blow. I needed something catchy for people to vibe with.

“So I said I am the GOAT, I am the GOAT, should I add something like ‘maa’ because a goat is an animal and it bleats ‘maa’, and that is fire,” he said.

Becoming famous has changed his life – and shown even those friends and family who did not think he could make it.

He has donated proceeds from the song to a local orphanage and other needy people.

“I did it because I am from a poor background and even the little that we have, we are used to sharing and I feel the pain they are in. I love giving and it’s not ending here,” AY promised.


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