Keeping his secret bottled up – in his butt!

Kamogelo Olaitan

An Iranian man who had a water bottle stuck in his rectum suffered in silence for days as he was too ashamed to tell his wife.

His wife took him to hospital when he complained about stomach pain, thinking he might be suffering from constipation – and still he didn’t come clean.

He didn’t tell doctors what he was suffering from until they discovered the 17 cm bottle via a CT scan.

According to an article in the Clinical Case Reports Journal, the 50-year-old man avoided mentioning that he’d inserted the object himself because he was embarrassed and he was living in “fear of his wife.”

The case study indicated that he had inserted the bottle with the bottom going in first hoping to use the top as a grip to pull out.

Unfortunately the bottle ended up trapped in the man’s large intestine.


The unnamed man was rushed to emergency surgery and surgeons were able to slowly drag the bottle out without causing damage to the intestine.

Doctors at the Imam Khomeini Hospital in Sari said sexual gratification is usually behind these sorts of situations.

The journal reported that the man was also known to have a history of depression.

He was discharged after three days and referred to a psychiatric clinic.

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