Kanye trash talks Trevor Noah with a racial slur

Sizwe Sibiya

After Trevor Noah blasted Kanye West for harassing his estranged wife Kim Kardashian, West responded by racially abusing the South African-born comedian on social media.

During a live broadcast of The Daily Show on Tuesday, host Noah warned that “what started as a regular celebrity scandal involving Kim, Kanye, and Pete Davidson [Kim’s new boyfriend], has evolved into a bigger discussion surrounding the harassment many women face when trying to leave a relationship.”

Noah argued that if someone as famous and rich as Kim is struggling to get her ex off her case, then how hard is it for an average woman?

Domestic abuse is an issue close to the comedian’s heart, and he went on to mention the tragic case of his own mother, who was shot by a bitter ex-boyfriend who was not willing to let go of her.

West did not take the comedian’s heartfelt comments lightly, and directed a post at him on Instagram on which he called the comedian a “K**n Baya”.

West’s post got his account banned from Instagram for 24 hours.


The word c**n is an offensive racial slur that is directly linked to slavery, segregation and the dehumanisation of black people. West’s post refers to the word “Kumbaya”, meaning “come by here”.

It is also an African American spiritual song that is sung by people of the Gullah culture from South Carolina and the Georgian coast. The song used by West to insult Trevor, was originally an appeal to God to come and help those in need.

The abusive post did not silence Noah who, after a lengthy response, admitted the “K**n” insult was funny.

“Don’t ever forget, the biggest trick racists ever played on black people was teaching us to strip each other of our blackness whenever we disagree. Tricking us into dividing ourselves up into splinters so that we would never unite into a powerful rod,” Trevor said in his powerful response to West.

“(I can’t front though, K**n Baya is also funny as s**t).

“Look after yourself my brother. Hopefully one day we’ll all be laughing about this situation and how it all ended with peace and love,” concluded Trevor, who is still worried things might turn ugly for Kim, if not for Kanye.

Image source: Instagram

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