Jozi residents warned against panic-buying of water

People in Johannesburg were told not to panic-buy water after Rand Water announced maintenance work and a six-month shutdown from the Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme (LHWS). 

This will cause water outages in Gauteng and the Free State.

While some stores are promoting water-supply products, experts warn against panic-buying. Water expert, Carin Bosman said maintenance is important to prevent long-term problems. 

“It’s better to have planned outages than constant issues,” she said, News24 reported. 

She warned against panic-buying and suggested simple steps like filling a bathtub to have enough water for a few days. 

Bosman explained that this shutdown follows regular maintenance schedules: one hour every month, one day every year, five days every five years, and six months every 20 years.

Rand Water’s maintenance is set for 22 June to 29 July to protect infrastructure and save future costs. They have told cities to prepare and manage water storage during this time.

Mauritz Swart from Builders Warehouse suggested people think about long-term water-saving solutions, like collecting rainwater from roofs to use for gardens and toilets.

Environmental activist Ferrial Adam said Joburg Water and Rand Water need to involve the community in their plans and ensure water is available during maintenance to build trust.

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Pictured above: Water. 

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