“Jessica, we are live!”

Arthur Greene

A mixup on live television has left a Namibian anchor with a red face – and Africa in stitches.

When Jessica Kaimu, a sports presenter for NBC Namibia News, heard the words “Jessica, we are live!”, her heart must have felt like it had fallen out of her chest.

She had just made a crucial error: she corrected her fellow anchor, Elmarie Kapunda, without realising that they were in fact on live TV. 

The awkward clip has gone viral on social media, and has left the entire continent in stitches.

It begins with Elmarie discussing a boxing match, before turning to Jessica to join the discussion. 

Before Elmarie, who is clearly aware that the cameras are rolling, finishes, Jessica interrupts her, and says:

“No, we are not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me and say: Take it away. You’re not going to do that.”

An awkward pause follows before someone off-camera utters the fateful words: “Jessica, we are live!”

Another agonisingly awkward silence commences.

The camera switches between the two presenters; both are at a complete loss for words.

After a few more painful seconds, the broadcast cuts out. 

The incredible clip has drawn laughs and cringes across Africa.

News channels have already begun to imitate the notorious incident with the “Jessica, we are live Challenge.”

SABC News ran a hilarious imitation of the mishap on Wednesday morning on the Morning Live show.

Video source: @ShadowsOfWolf_