Jazz queen of the Zulus

Celani Sikhakhane

King Misuzulu Sinqobile kaZwelithini’s new queen is an enthusiastic Jazz singer from Newcastle who has already sung for the Royal Family.

In fact, it could be jazz that helped bring the royal couple together.

The new queen, 36 year old Ntokozo Mayisela, was part of the jazz group that performed at Botanical Gardens in Durban at the 2009 wedding of King Misuzulu’s sister, Princess Bukhosibemvelo. King Misuzulu and Ntokozo Mayisela met at the wedding. 

As pictured above, on Wednesday, the Zulu Royal family delegation – led by Senior Princes and the late King Zwelithini’s Praise singer, Buzetsheni Mdletshe – paid lobola of eight cattle, and R50,000 to Mayisela’s family in Blaauwbosch outside Newcastle.

The cattle which were used to pay lobola to Ntokozo’s family were taken from those that were part of the lobolo for King Misuzulu’s sisters.

According to the Royal Family sources, the plan is for King Misuzulu KaZwelithini to introduce her to the whole family on Saturday. 

Scrolla Africa also learned that Ntokozo will travel to Swatini with King Misuzulu kaZwelithini to be introduced to the Royal Kingdom of Mswati iii.

The lobola event was low key, and the trucks carrying the lobola cattle arrived at around 6h00 pm.

The lobola for King Misuzulu’ s mother was 300 cattle, collected from different Chiefs in KwaZulu Natal.

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