By Everson Luhanga

There was a party mood in the streets of locked-down Alexandra on Sunday afternoon as a convoy of flashy cars gave food parcels to the poor and threw thousands of Rands into the air.

The people of Alex screamed and took videos and photos as a line of supercars went past.

The Nigerian donors are members of the Blackdoor Lifestyle Lounge based in the upper class suburb of Sandton.

The club representative, wearing brightly coloured cloth, said he and his team donated 250 food parcels worth R40 000 to the poor in Alexandra.

But they saved the most eye-popping gesture for last.

Before leaving Alex, they threw R10,000 in notes from their cars, leaving the poor scrambling and scratching for cash.

Those who were lucky to pick up money from the ground screamed for joy – but the unlucky ones cursed.

Residents admire the supercars

The visitors were supported by some volunteers in the township. When they entered Alex, residents lined both sides of the street, whistling, clapping and shouting as the club members drove past. 

At each street, the team received the same response. The sportscar samaritans were given respect for the machines they were driving. 

The club representative said he feels for the poor and unemployed people in the township who have been hard hit by the pandemic and the lockdown. “We will be doing the same thing in other parts of Johannesburg.”

Phantom Lidwaba said the food parcel he received was the only food he had in his house. “It is bad my brother. I go around and eat from my friends every day. This donation has saved the day.”

Residents welcome the food parcels

Isaiah Retlala says he thanked his leader for choosing him to be the recipient of the food parcel. “I am a handyman. Since lockdown, I have not worked. My clients don’t have money either,” he said.

The reception they received was much different to the xenophobic attacks last year in which Nigerians were targeted.


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