In Singapore, being naked is ‘obscene and lewd’

If you were planning a trip to Singapore, make sure you read the rule book twice before being caught with your pants down.

Being naked in your hotel room in Singapore could land you in a heap of trouble with local authorities.

Some hotel guests may well enjoy the freedom of being able to walk around naked in their rooms without judgement or being seen by a relative. However, a recent Singapore rule states that all nudity in hotel rooms can and will be punished with a fine of up to R36,000.

Or even worse, three months in jail.

The Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act considers nudity “obscene and lewd”.

So if you want to have some freedom or even some fun without any clothes on, make sure the curtains are tightly drawn.

A recent incident saw a man in Singapore being fined over R40,000 after he was spotted naked in his own home, the US Sun reported.

Naked sleepers best get under the covers to avoid risking a hefty fine.

Hefty fines are a common occurrence in this Asian country, with acts such as chewing gum, feeding wild animals and stealing someone else’s wifi all punished.

And that’s not all. Smokers beware: vaping is not allowed on the streets of Singapore.

Compiled by Dylan Bettencourt

Pictured above: Naked in a hotel 

Image source: iStock


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