‘I’m a Jozi girl living the dream’ — Tyla

“I’m so proud of South Africa and our music!” shouted Tyla, the South African sensation, as she won her Grammy award. 

From singing with her siblings to flooding Instagram with her covers, Tyla’s hustle caught the eye of big guns in the industry. 

“I was trying everything that has to do with the entertainment industry. I love acting, modelling, singing and dancing. I love it all. So everything I did was to try different things to break into the industry,” the 22-year-old told TshisaLIVE

Not just your average schoolgirl, Tyla balanced her textbooks with music video cameos.

“School is important, it’s the foundation. Though I didn’t study further after high school I made sure to finish school. If you have other things you want to do, you can balance it. I’ve done it, a lot of people have done it,” she said.

A lot has happened since those school days. Fast forward to 2021 and she’s rubbing shoulders with the likes of Chris Brown and getting her songs remixed by Travis Scott and Marshmello.

“Initially I didn’t want to remix Water because I thought the song is so strong and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. But then my label said, ‘Travis wants to do a remix and I was, like, send him the files’,” she said. 

Now, with a Grammy under her belt, Tyla’s riding the amapiano wave from Jozi to global fame, proving South Africa’s music scene is a goldmine of talent. 

“I’m just a Jozi girl living the dream, making Africa proud one beat at a time,” she said. 

“I’m happy that I can be an example for other African girls and guys. South Africa, it’s our time to shine.”

Pictured above: Tyla with her Grammy. 

Image source: X


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