‘I only care about Black Coffee’s health’ — Enhle Mbali

Enhle Mbali, the well-known actress, recently took to Instagram Live to set the record straight after the social media storm surrounding her and Black Coffee. 

After a social media post overlapping with news of Black Coffee’s flying accident on his way to Argentina, sparked controversy, Mbali cleared the air. 

Following the announcement of Black Coffee’s accident, Mbali’s “Best thing I’ve heard this year” post on Instagram stories caused a stir. 

However, the Slay actress insisted that her post had nothing to do with the incident, explaining she was merely sharing light-hearted content.

Mbali revealed she reached out to Black Coffee post-accident with an email wishing him well. 

However, the gesture backfired, with a reply that accused her of pretending to care. “I don’t care for him. I care for his well-being because I have children with him,” she said. 

The actress shared her frustration with being constantly linked to Black Coffee and being targeted by online bullies. 

Mbali confirmed that their divorce would be finalised in November. 

She reflected on her decision to leave the marriage, pointing out that it was not made lightly and that she had put up with so much during and after their relationship. 

“I am living my life,” she added. 

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Pictured above: Enhle Mbali. 

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