Hymns for hope and healing at home

Everson Luhanga

Religious people have been hurt by the government’s decision to restrict church gatherings.

But now they have some divine intervention.

Five giants of Zionist church music have joined forces to bring spirituality into homes – through music.

Pastor Mashosho, Pastor Manana, Pastor Mshayina Nyembe of Galathia’ lndlunkulu and Pastor Jere have launched the Izingqungqulu Zes’khalanga album.

The special collection asks families to protect themselves from Covid-19 and offers a message of hope.

The pastors said stopping black families from going to church in the middle of a deadly pandemic was like taking hope away.

The church is a vital source of counselling for millions. Village towns don’t have psychologists and the poor can’t afford their services.

Archbishop Bheki Zachariah Nkosi, president of Vukukhanye Zion Federation, said: 

“We decided to come together and release an album using our names to reach many people.

“We know that many people have not been going to church since March.”

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