HEROES 5: Cyril Ramaphosa – rising to the challenge of a century

Mungo Soggot

You have to have sympathy for Cyril Ramaphosa.

Not only did he inherit a government going broke after it was looted by the Guptas and their cronies in government.

His attempts to root out the corrupt and deal with slow growth and inequality were slowed by an ANC fighting within itself and with daggers drawn at his back.

Then two years into his administration he got whacked with the worst health and economic crisis in a century.

If Ramaphosa’s star had fallen before Covid, 2020 reminded us of the good things – he’s a professional, who takes government seriously.

At the beginning of the Covid crisis he rallied the nation and South Africa experienced an all too brief moment of unity.

Presiding over a weak government hollowed out by state capture he has handled the pandemic as well as he could.

This was in marked contrast to leaders around the world like Donald Trump of the US and Boris Johnson of the UK.

And now the net is starting to close in on the state capturers, as Ramaphosa fights to purge corruption from the bloodstream of the ANC.

Most South Africans still like him – and he remains more popular than his party.

Not a bad year for South Africa’s fourth democratically elected president.

Picture source: @PresidencyZA

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