Gogo bites off rapist’s tongue

Mkhuseli Sizani

She’s 65-years-old and a hero in her village.

A man allegedly tried to rape the gogo in her home on Saturday night, but the gogo fought back. When the suspect tried to push his tongue into her mouth, the brave woman bit it off!

Colonel Sibongile Soci confirmed the incident that took place in Tsomo in the Eastern Cape.

Soci said the gogo was sleeping alone in her house when she was woken up by someone climbing in through the window.

“The suspect attempted to rape the woman and allegedly tried to kiss her. She bit his tongue until it fell to the ground. The suspect then fled the scene,” she said.

“Police tracked the suspect to a hospital in Cofimvaba, where he was arrested on Sunday. He is under police guard in hospital and will appear in the Tsomo Magistrate Court soon on an attempted rape charge,” she said.

The organisations that battle violence against women and children have also come out in full support of the woman.

Children’s rights activist, Petros Majola from Khula Community Development said: “The victim was courageous enough to fight the intruder. Women should be treated with dignity and respect. There is no way that we leave this heroine alone in her struggle.”

He called on all other organisations that fight against women and children abuse to join them in support of her.

“Our justice system should consider that the woman had solid reasons for biting off the suspect’s tongue. She couldn’t wait for the suspect to rape her first and then react afterwards.”