Giving her all to save a dying music genre

Lwazi Nongauza

Award-winning artist, Ramadimetja ‘Pleasure’ Peta has offered her music career as a sacrificial lamb in order to save a significant treasure of South African music. 

In an interview with Scrolla Africa, the Ga-Mphahlele born artist revealed how and why she is tirelessly working to preserve the fading Manyalo music (traditional wedding music) which is mostly found in Limpopo.

‘’I am extremely proud of what the Manyalo music genre has achieved. Obviously, I want to see this industry progress but the reality is that our music genre is under siege. 

“Because I would hate to see this industry die, I am trying by all means possible to advocate for more support. I do this by mentoring Manyalo music upcoming artists to get to where I am today and even beyond,’’ said Pleasure. 

Pleasure is not intending to release her own new album any time soon. Instead, she is focusing on making sure that artists like Khali Mampuru, Sydwel, Small, Ezra, DJ Extreme and other emerging artists who are using her record company studios can also succeed.

While explaining how she is using her influence to pave the way for other upcoming artists, the veteran musician said: ‘’We have other great artists too that deserve our recognition. I have taken a principled position to step back when it comes to award competitions. I want others to be recognised for the great work they are doing. It is not a one woman show.’’ 

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