Ghana priest, 63, marries girl, 12 

A 63-year-old priest, known as Gborbu Wulomo married a 12-year-old girl in Ghana on Saturday. 

Reports suggest that the priest chose the young girl to be his future bride when she was only six years old. 

A guest explained that the marriage is part of a tradition that the priest must marry a virgin and that in the Nungua village, there were no virgins above the age of nine. 

The young girl is now expected to take part in a second ceremony that will be focused on purifying her, Pulse reported.

“This ritual is thought to empower her to carry out her anticipated responsibilities as a wife to Gborbu Wulomo, which includes bearing children,” the publication added.

The shrine Gborbu Wulomo at Nungua defended the marriage.

“She is still in school, she does not live with the Gborbu Wulomo. We started the traditional marriage of Naa Yomo Ayemuade to ward off other men. When she matures, we will have our final rites.”

Reports further suggest the priest married the young girl to avoid any other man having sex with her. 

A spokesperson for the temple Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II explained how the marriage was allowed to go ahead. 

“The young girl is a reincarnated woman who lived over 300 years ago and has returned to ensure that the sacred rituals of one of the deities which have not been performed for years can be done”.

The priest “will have to wait until she is mature or she reaches the legal age of marriage and childbirth” to have sex with her. 

The legal age of marriage in Ghana is 18.  

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Pictured above: The priest and his young bride. 

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