Gee Six Five’s debut album released two months after her death

Xolile Nkosi

The star, real name Olpha Selepe, passed away in December after suffering Covid-19 complications shortly after she had shot to fame with her amapiano single Obani Labantu. The EP is titled Obani Labantu.

Her son, Fika Selepe said he is helping his mother to achieve her music dream from beyond the grave.

Fika said the project was already planned when his mother died.

“My mother inspired many people. Her aim was to spread a message to motivate everyone to follow their dream regardless of their age. My mother released her single at the age of 65,” Fika told Scrolla.Africa.

“We will continue to work on the material she left behind so that she will rest in peace knowing that her purpose is still out there, loud and proud, regardless of her death.” 

Gee Six Five single kept social media buzzing. The single has had more than 94 000 views and 59 000 likes on YouTube.

The star had no intention of staying in the industry for a long time. She recorded the song after she retired simply because singing was one of her dreams and she thought it would be fun. She refused to do gigs at night because she didn’t like staying up late.

Video source: YouTube 


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